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Securing People. Securing Lives.
Unit 69K’s


We exist to deliver excellent Life Insurance Programs across all life stages and to provide an inclusive platform for continuous development of transformational leaders across generations.

Unit 69K’s


We envision ourselves as a World-class Mega Agency of Leaders who continually add value.

Pru Life UK History


Years of Experience

Serving our customers for over 175 years In this series, we look back at our 175 years of heritage and how our business in Asia and Africa got its start. We also reflect upon the proud history of the people from the Pru and our commitment to our customers which has not changed since 1848.


Active Agents

From 10,000 agents in 1900, we now have over 120,000 active agents helping our customers and communities across Asia and Africa.

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Jhon Paul Bismonte

Assistant Unit Manager – The Orion Sentinels

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